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Is It Possible To Ban A Group Of IP numbers

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Is is possible to ban any specific IPs that occur within a range of IPs, for example;

What if I wanted to ban any attempts to access our web site from this range of numbers, -, would this be possible?


I've attempted inserting a comma between these numbers but that does not seem to work. When I've viewed my Raw Access Log, I've found evidence of script kiddies attemtping to access our site. When I ban the specific IP, they return with a slightly different IP number and I'm starting to develop a rather LONG list of BannedIPs originating from / via this route which is in Turkey;


A portion of the WHOIS for the IP returns the following;


This is the RIPE Whois query server #2.

% Information related to ' -'


netname: TurkTelekom

role: TT Administrative Contact Role

address: Turk Telekom

address: Bilisim Aglari Dairesi

address: Aydinlikevler


I'm using phpNuke ver - 7.8

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To block access from IP addresses in the range of -, you'd need 4 directives in your .htaccess file:

># Block IPs in the range of -
deny from
deny from
deny from
deny from blocks - [2048 IPs] blocks - [4096 IPs] blocks - [16384 IPs] blocks - [32768 IPs]


...for a total of 55,296 IP addresses blocked.


Blocking "85.102.40" will just block the range of - [256 IPs], a much smaller range than what is desired.

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Bruce would you please provide a little more detail on the "TLD name: domain.ext"? Where would one locate that.... Raw Log Access file??

There are tools available that will do a reverse lookup of an IP address to give you a domain name.

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