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Scripting Error (i'm In Need Of Assistance)


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For over a month I have been dealing with a scripting error on my site. The TCH helpdesk doesn't fix these errors, so I hired a tech person to help me. Even he is stumped and I am really stuck. My tech person told me that my webhost (TCH) must have updated it's scripting which was no longer compatible with my old version of Invision Power Board. I upgraded the messageboard to my site but I am still experiencing scripting errors. On top of that, the new version of the board does not seem to be saving skin changes ect.


I am at a loss as to what to do. My website users as well as myself are very frustrated.


The error is as follows:


Warning: preg_match(): Compilation failed: unmatched parentheses at offset 14 in /home/vnnnsc/public_html/board/sources/Login.php on line 315


It seems to be affecting many areas of the message board. Although I have basic html knowlege and have been able to fix little problems with my site over the last 2 1/2 years, I have no idea how to fix this, and thus far have had very little help in terms of resolving the problem.


If anyone out there would be willing to help me fix this issue I would be very greatful. I need to get this resolved ASAP. It has gone on far to long for my users.

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Hi Deedre, welcome to the forums :)


Well, the specific error you are getting there is "unmatched parentheses" - i.e. you have a bracked opened, but not closed (or the other way round) in the source code.


How did you upload the forum script? Did you use FTP? If so, did you upload in the right mode (ascii / binary)? This can sometimes throw some odd errors.


If thay's not it, can you post the few lines either side (and including) line 315 ?

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Unless I am completely not noticing it, I am not seeing any missing parentheses in the source code. And the thing is, I didn't make any changes to any of the code. The error was happening on the OLDER version. before I upgraded the messageboard. In fact, everything was fine until April 28, 2006. I upgraded the board thinking the upgrade might resolve the errors.


I am still running an older version of the Invision software, but I have upgraded to the latest free version. v1.3 Final © 2003 At this point, I really don't know what to do here, but I hope I can get this problem resolved.


Thank you for the welcome.


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Welcome to the forum, Deedre :)


Did you upgrade by over writing the old files

or remove the old files and put all new files in the folder?


Some times old files are not replaced and may be still the problem.


Make sure to have backups of your database config.

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I'm fairly certain there aren't any unmatched parentheses in the board's

code. I uploaded the source files no less than three times, and they are

the exact same source files I have used on other boards which I have set

up without any problems. I even tried removing the compatibility hacks

but it makes no difference.


The FTP ASCII/Binary thing is also unlikely. ASCII is the mode used for

scripts and other plain text files, Binary is used for images, videos,

and multimedia content. About 5 years ago or so, you'd have to manually

set ASCII mode when uploading the board's source files, and then set

Binary mode when you upload the smilies - but nowadays all modern FTP

clients automatically detect the right mode to use. Also the only time

I've heard of a problem with this is when a binary file is uploaded as

ASCII - I don't believe uploading an ASCII file as Binary has any effect

(except maybe on spacing?)


The fact is, it was working perfectly fine until April 28th and then on that day day it just

stopped on its' own. My tech person that I hired to fix this is advising me he suspects there was a PHP upgrade, which for some reason made something in the scripting become no longer compatible.

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