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Installed Zen Cart In Subdirectory (public_html/public_html

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I've successfully migrated to Zen-cart, but initially put it in a subdir of public_html (called public_html). Now that I want my redirects to maintain the root , I'd like to move the sub dir public_html and make it the root public_html.


Question, since this was installed using Fantastico, I really don't know what is going on behind the scenes. If I move it, will something break? Or does the helpdesk have to assist in this process. This is my first hands on experience with this type of app and I'm not back end database savvy.


Thanks so much,


:blink: Laura

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Is everything in place on your zencart or is it just an empty zencart?


Also, as a side point, if you do the following, fantastico is not going to be able to uninstall it.


I don't know how tricky this could be, so my advice would be to backup the files first (you can make a copy of them and put them on your server). Youl will need to backup the zencart folder and also any files in the root folder which you may want to save (e.g. such things as config files, indexs etc)


Then, I would copy all your files in the sub directory into the main directory. Then, I am guessing you will need to edit a config file somewhere in that main root folder (it will have been copied over when you copied the files) and somewhere I am guessing it will have something about a path or root. Edit that line, save and see what happens.


If you would like me to have a go, I am willing to lend a hand, but I won't be able to do this until tomorrow (Friday 09 June some time in the morning), please PM me your cpanel username and password and I will take a look tomorrow. Please feel free to add as much info about it as you want



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