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Spam Karma 2


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It has snagged 209 comment spams in it's first 15 hours. Apparently I have made it onto somebody's radar.


Normally that would have been 209 comments sitting in moderation that I would have to clear, along with 209 emails in my inbox telling me I have to moderate some comments.


*TCH-Tim likes

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Well, I installed SK2 in addition to Akismet, just-in-case... forgot who's post I read, someone said he got several hundred spam post out of nowhere, so I think I'll play safe. Hehe...


BTW, Akismet comes free with WP2, and is supposed to be anti-spam as well. It needs an API key from WordPress.com though...

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I've also never activated Askimet. Spam Karma takes care of all my spam control needs.


*Paul contemplates a SK2 commercial... mabye a special SK2 jingle...

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