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Osc With Paypal


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I'm using PayPal on my website. Now I'm thinking to add OSCommerce.

Since OSC has a PayPal option, should I remove PayPal before installing OSC :(

If I understand correctly, when installing OSC, it becomes the main shopping cart, and PayPal is just an option ?



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Here is my take on it. You will have to add your products to the cart. Because you are doing that you will most likely want to remove them from where they are on your site now. Since you are already doing that, you will probably remove the PayPal button.


I suppose, with modification of the cart, you might be able to bypass doing it that way but I am thinking it might be more work to do it than it would be to just use the cart as it is set up by default.


I have not used OSC in some time and there are other members here that do use it often so I will defer to one of them for confirmation.

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PayPal is one choice of many payment processors you can use with OSCommerce. OSC takes the place of PayPal's shopping cart or 'PayNow' buttons. It acts as the shopping cart, keeping track of the basket of goods and then sends the full payment amount to PayPal at the end when the client pays.


You don't have to remove PayPal buttons from your site since an install of OSCommerce will be in a separate directory and your visitors will likely never see the other buttons unless you have links to the old pages.

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