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Upgrading Ipb V 1.2 To Latest


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I'm running an IPB board on my site (www.hamstertime.net), which I installed through cPanel so it's version 1.2. My site gets a high level of traffic when it's active, so I'm a little bit worried that IPB 1.2 won't be able to handle it. With that in mind I've decided to pay to upgrade to the latest version of IPB.


Before I shell out the money, though, I wanted to confirm that TCH meets the minimum requirements stated by Invision:


"Invision Power Board requires PHP 4.3+ and either MySQL 3.23+ (4.x highly recommended), MSSQL or Oracle 9i for database storage. MySQL 5.x not yet supported."


Also, if anyone has converted their 1.2 board to the latest version and can give me an idea of how difficult a process this might be, I'd appreciate any guidance. I'm especially interested in what "steps" I should take when trying to upgrade, helpful hints, etc.

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Once you have your hands on v2 it will contain instructions on how to make the change.

This basically consists of deleting your v1 files with the exception of your config file and a couple of directories. I don't recommend doing it this way though, so here is how I do these upgrades.


Backup the database.

Create a new directory such as "forumtemp"

Upload the new version to "forumtemp"

Copy current version of conf_global.php and the uploads directory to "forumtemp"

*there is also an images directory you may want to grab

Rename the current forums directory

Rename "forum temp" to where your v1 was located

Run the upgrade tool and just follow the instructions from there.


Don't forget that you will lose any mods you have installed. Good luck and we are here if you get stuck.

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