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Dns Outage

Head Guru

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Hey everyone.


We are having some techincal issues with our DNS servers. This only effects NS1 and NS2.


There has been some corruption in the NAMED database on our DNS clustering servers. Due to this we are restoring our hourly backups from 10:01AM EST.


This has effected very few sites, however we wanted to let everyone know that the issue with DNS has been corrected.


The bottom line is our DNS database reverted several domains back to old IP allocations. We are unsure exactly how this occured, however we have pinpointed the exact time of when the issue started to occur and have rolled back to our backups timestamped just before the event occured.


It is my view that this was a Level 2 admin error of some sort, however we have not been able to track this down as of yet. Rest assured we will figure this out and I will post a full detailed reason of why this occured.


All DNS zones are back to normal and all sites are resolving. If you did run into a issue, you will need to clear your cache and try your site again.

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