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Wp Version 2.0.2 Security Release


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I'm running 2.0.1, I think. At least, I'm pretty sure I upgraded my blog last time around, but the footer of my dashboard still says 2.0. Not 2.0.1 like I would expect.


Is this the same for other people? How do you know for sure what version you are running??


I can't imagine I skipped a security upgrade...

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I'm still running 1.5 because I don't like the new interface of 2.x

I agree with that. The whole "using AJAX for the sake of using AJAX" trend is getting ridiculous. Stupid "Web 2.0." Not so compatible with the browser on my Palm Treo, so ultimately I ended up dropping WP completely on my main site. Not going to stick with an old version, and the writing is on the wall in regards to future versions.


But I digress.


Paul, if you want to check your version you can look in /wp-includes/version.php.

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Funny. I figured out what I did. At the end of January when the 2.0.1 release came out, I unzipped the compressed file on the server, then ran the upgrade.php file.


I thought that was all there was to it. (I didn't delete any files. I just was going to copy over the existing ones.)


Guess what it did? It extracted a directory named /wordpress/ inside my /blog/ folder.


So, no files were actually replaced. I just thought they had been.


Maybe this is part of why they tell you to delete your files. Then you know they've been restored to the correct directory!! :lol:


Oh well. Glad nothing bad happened in the mean time.

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Exactly my problem. I tend to think, "hey, I figure this stuff out for my company's software. I can probably figure this stuff out too."


Of all people you'd think I would think it is important to read the manual!


Oh well. I guess it is like the shoemaker's barefooted children.

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