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The forums were taken offline for a few minutes this evening (about 6pCentralUS). We apologize for any inconvenience this caused, but it was truly necessary.


The cause: a "guest" was posting in most every forum, curse-laiden topics and replies. We took the forums offline to clean them up (ie: deleted the offensive posts). ...The IP address of the "guest" has been banned on this forum.


Let me be very clear - A single post describing the situation and issues in a polite and civil tone would have remained on this forum. Instead, the "guest" chose to use profanity (lots of it) and not even detail the real issues that they had with TCH or their hosting plan. It was clearly a vent of frustration and anger. We invite this TotalChoice Hosting customer to submit a helpdesk ticket detailing their issues (without profanity) and have the problems addressed by our very competent technical support and customer service staff.


Our thanks go out to the very many consciencious family members here that reported the posts to moderators/admins! Bravo! Your actions allowed us to quickly catch and fix the issue. We appreciate your dedication to the family and these forums as a clean, safe place for us to grow and learn together.



Lianna Stover

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I just want to offer my thanks as well, since I was one of the ones helping to clean up the posts as well. Thanks to those of you who reported the posts as soon as they were posted, we were able to catch this guy that much quicker.


Job well done guys and gals! Thumbs Up

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