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Stealing Images?


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I found some strange entries in awstat this morning need help figuring out what is going on. I was surprised to find some hits from foreign countries, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Switzerland. My sites are not advertised, strictly used by my local community and the teams and families. Next I find terms in the Search Keyphrases that I have not seen before. I know hits from other countries are probably ok, but the links had me wondering.


http //re2.mm-b1.yimg.com/image/777086271| |125| |89| |95swim| |520| |373| |http //www.mysite.com/wast/95swim.jpg| |95swim.jpg| |http //www.mysite.com/wast/95swim.jpg| |http //www.mysite.com/wast/95index.htm| |http //www.mysite.com/wast/95index.htm
http //re2.mm-b1.yimg.com/image/777102247| |125| |88| |98swim| |519| |369| |http //www.mysite.com/wast/98swim.jpg| |98swim.jpg| |http //www.mysite.com/wast/98swim.jpg| |http //www.mysite.com/wast/98main.htm| |http //www.mysite.com/wast/98main.htm


Now when I go to the leading URL at yimg.com I find a thumbnail of my image.


Is this some search engine storing my picture and linking back to my page? If it is I am not sure I like this and will probably want to put a stop to it. I have lots of information on my pages that I don't need getting into some pedophiles hands. And I would hate to have to remove all these pictures. The families love seeing their kids names and pictures and to be able to show other relatives across the country how their sons and daughters are doing.


Is this a simple addition to the htaccess or should I just not worry about it.

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Bob, I don't know what yimg.com is and pointing my browser to that domain leads to nothing, there's no website there, so if I were you, until I knew what's going on, I'd block that domain from accessing my site.


There's also one other thing you may want to look at, I've posted the link somewhere here on the forums, let me look...... here:


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Thanks for the link to your other post Raul, I may look into that a little more later. I did some more research and I found that my first impression was correct. I did a whois on yimg.com and found that it belonged to Yahoo. I then went to the Yahoo page and clicked on IMAGE and typed in "swim 95" and my image popped up as the first picture with links to my 1995 Swim Team page.


So now I know the what and why, Its Yahoo's image indexing. I just need to decide if I want those images out there or if I want to block them.

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Same here:


Netherlands nl 58 63 209.47 KB


gb Great Britain gb 39 51 212.24 KB


pt Portugal pt 10 22 149.38 KB


Unknown Unknown ip 6 26 219.90 KB


ca Canada ca 2 14 78.71 KB


au Australia au 1 17 185.92 KB


za South Africa za 1 6 4.50 KB


be Belgium be 1 3 42.88 KB


il Israel il 1 4.50 KB


cl Chile cl 1 4.50 KB


es Spain es 3 13.51 KB


tw Taiwan tw 1 4.50 KB


ru Russian Federation ru 1 4.50 KB


mx Mexico mx 1 4.50 KB


fr France fr 1 4.50 KB


in India in 12 54.04 KB


bn Brunei Darussalam bn 2 127.68 KB


eu European Union eu 38 260.10 KB


at Austria at 1 4.50 KB


sa Saudi Arabia sa 1 4.50 KB


id Indonesia id 1 4.50 KB


hk Hong Kong hk 2 9.01 KB


ie Ireland ie 5 141.19 KB


zw Zimbabwe zw 1 4.50 KB


Others 0 10 54.73 KB

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