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First forgive me if this is not the right board to post this on.


I am creating a website for an author who wants to be able to have a zoom in on his images. I have tried different scripts off the net but can't get them to work right when changing sizes and names. And yes I do copy them onto notepad before pasting it on to front page html.


I was wondering if anyone knows of a simple script something that all I have to do is hover my mouse over the image and it gives me a zoom in image.


And if they can copy the script for me and maybe change all the places I need to change in it to red or somehting so I know excately what to change on it.


I would be really greatful



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I don't know of any scripts, Patty, but I'm sure they are out there. Try hotscripts.com or just plain old google for some starters. Hopefully someone will be by shortly that has used one.

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