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  1. I need some help. I need to set up a forum but not sure how. I downloaded the phpbb one but it gave me a bunch of files and folders I don't know what to do with. I don't know much about forums beside the one that bravenet has and I don't like those. To many popup. Can anyone give me some insight on how to get and set up a forum. I design a website for a publisher and they want a forum, so could use some help. Patty
  2. Hello, How is everyone. Hopefully not pulling hair like I am lol I am about as bald as this is is now lol. I have been working on this for hours and just can't figure out how to get it to work with out screwing it up so it dont work lol I am working on an authors site and she wants dropdown menu. I have it all set up and working ok but I need to make some of the links in the drop down menu open to a new window so her window will stay up when people click on that link. I have tried adding. a target="_blank" href= to it manually but it screws up the link. I tried going to form field properties and adding it that way and it wont work. This is what the drop down code looks like <option value="http://lisareneejones.com/bookshelf.htm">Home</option> I tried adding the a target="_blank" href= infront of the "http that is where it would go correct? I also need to have contact done with mailto ones to work as well. I don't know a whole lot of hml. I mess with scripts and form but that is about it. Oh by the way I am doing all this in front page 2002 Can you suggest something for me. YOu would make me a happy camper
  3. Im back, with more problems did you miss me lol ok I am having problems uploading from front page again. It all uploads like it supose to then at the end and box comes up saying it couldnt upload to contact server and make sure that front page extensions are installed, which I have installed a couple of times now. Now it has been uploading to my site anyway even with that error but today it is not. Have any ideas. I am using front page 2002
  4. way2kool

    Image Zoom

    First forgive me if this is not the right board to post this on. I am creating a website for an author who wants to be able to have a zoom in on his images. I have tried different scripts off the net but can't get them to work right when changing sizes and names. And yes I do copy them onto notepad before pasting it on to front page html. I was wondering if anyone knows of a simple script something that all I have to do is hover my mouse over the image and it gives me a zoom in image. And if they can copy the script for me and maybe change all the places I need to change in it to red or somehting so I know excately what to change on it. I would be really greatful Patty
  5. Hello, Everyone First let me say thanks all for the warm welcome. What a nice feeling it is to have so many of you welcome me. Now some good news. My site is working and up and running. Hot Diggy Dog lol It looks like the problem was with the temporary c-panel link. My domain name got transfered. I went and published from Front Page using my domain link and it went though fine and showing up where it is supose to show up. And not where it not supose to show up. When I first publish it still had ask me about the bash files. But I have worked on a copy of pages after that and uploaded again and it didnt ask me. So that is fine too. Thanks everyone for being so helpfull. Patty
  6. Thanks Steve, You have been very kind. Normally I don't have problems with publishing from Front Page So I think it could be that I am using the temporary link to my C-panel that may be the cause. So I will just wait a couple of days and see what happens then. I have mainly just used the file manager from the c-panel. But since I have joined Total Choice I have been checking out the different options in the c-panel. I design book covers for authors but have just started building web pages and web site for them. So I really need to learn what the other function of the c-panel does. I really like the idea of this forum being here. So If I have questions or need answer I can get them. As far as the bash file goes I never really notice them before but went and look at my old host and they are there to. It has to something to do with log in and out because there is like 4 of them I think and they have log in and log out on them. I am wondering if it also has to do with the domain transfer. Who knows. But hopefully everything will be ok by Thursday as far as uploading goes. As far as linking and image not showing up I know how to fix that. Like I said it find on total choice but not my old host viewing it live. Thanks so much Steve for answering my quesitons for me. And thanks for the welcome Patty
  7. Thank you for all your input. I have Front Page 2002 that came with Microsoft Office. I have all my folders now in the public html section and when viewing from them it ok. It still had uploaded some files to the main file manager folder but I deleted those. The files that did not upload I uploaded from the file manager. I just switch over my domain name yesterday so I still have 24 to 48 hours before it takes affect so hopefully that was the problem Steve: I did not make backup files on my old host. But I didnt transfer any files from there. I uploading them from a folder on my computer. I have never really used backup on the host. I have a burnt copy of my web folder. Is it really important to backup on the host? I have notice that when viewing my site live now which would comes from my old host that images are missing and pages are not working. I am hoping that it will fix it self once the domain is transfered. (I hope Since they are working when viewing from there. I am starting to learn a little bit of html from adding scripts and stuff in. But not a whole lot yet. Would love to learn it. But right now Publisher and Authors are keeping me so busy I don't know when I would find the time. But would love to learn in the near future I work with graphic mainly. What did you mean by this: added level of security, I'd make sure that you do not have any folders with 777 permissions. Doyou mean like password protected pages or what. Right now I have none. The 77 folders are sub folders in my web document on my computer. I like to keep things organized for easy finding, so I make sub folders for different subjects. And of coarse upload it that way to the host as well. Any way I will wait until Wednesday night or Thursday and see what happen when my domain is transfered. Like I said earlier one of the reasons I pick Total Choice hosting is because c-panel is close and the file managment is about the same. Another reason is because of this forum lol So I can get help So thank you for your input. Oh one more thing: When uploading from front page it keeps telling me that Bash files are on the web but not in my folder and wants to know if I want it removed from the web. I have been telling it no. I have those files on my old host but that question has never can up for those. Should I copy the files into my web folder on my computer so it stops asking me or what. Patty
  8. Hello all. I have been using and uploading for front page fora few years now although I am new to total choice hosting it is pretty much set up like my old hosting so I don't know why I am having so many probelms When uploading it upload to the main file manager instead of the public html folder. When I go to publish I move the the folders I want to upload to the public html which is on the right of the window but it still puts it in the main file folder. Is it supose to do that. Ok also it is not uploading everthing in the folders. I played around with this for sevearl hours. I didn't have this problem with my old host . All I had to do was upload it and it went into the public html and it uploaded it all the first time then of coarse only new pages after that. Now although I have my domain transfered it has not transfered yet so I am wondering if it is doing this because it is not transfered yet and I am using the c-panel link that was sent to me if domain transfer has not been switched. Do you think this could be a cause. I was hoping to get everything upload and taken care of so there is no down time to my site. I have read that new host can transfer everthing for you. I am wondering if I go and delete all I have uploaded if I should just have them do that but how do I go about having them do that. I have always just re-uploaded from front page if I switch host. I have alot of files and 77 folder. Any suggestion you can give me would be grateful. One of the things I like about this host is is basicly set up like my old one. Oh one more thing now I did not have to copy background and image to each folder on my old host and I am noticing that some images don't show up so do I have to make sure that the backgrounds and banners and stuff are in each folder with this host. Patty Way2Kool Designs
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