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From Slashdot:

Portableapps.com has released Portable OpenOffice.org 2.01 -- the complete office suite you can run from a USB drive for complete access to both your files and your office apps -- anywhere you go. More than just a neat idea, some say it's a perfect example of "the kind of innovation developers can make when they don't have to worry about selling as many licenses of their work as possible." I don't imagine we'll see a portable Microsoft Office suite any time soon.


Sounds pretty cool! Imagine carrying an entire office suite around in a USB pen drive... :)


By the way, their website seems to be down at the moment, probably due to the "slashdot effect".

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Raul, I have it along with the entire suite of apps that John Haller put together.


Portable Apps Suite Contains: Portable Firefox (web browser), Portable Thunderbird (email client), Portable OpenOffice.org (office suite), Portable AbiWord (word processor), Portable NVU (web editor), Portable Sunbird (calendar & task list), Portable FileZilla (FTP client), Portable Gaim (instant messenger) and will fit on a 256Mb USB thumbdrive.


Works great too.

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Curious as to why the Portable Suite has both Open Office and a Word Processor? Seems a waste of space to me. All I have on my thumbstick are PSPad, Xammplite, an image optimiser and all my scripts etc. Only place I need to use this is at work but would be pointless for me to carry anything web based (ftp, browser, email) as my works connection is proxid and locked down tighter than a ******'s ****.

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