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Spam Filter For Mailman

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The SPAM filters in Mailman have nothing in them. I am getting a fair amount of SPAM posted to a list I only just set up yesterday, so I would like to utilize these filters. ;)


One website I saw suggested the following:


Changing the default Mailman list SPAM filtering rule


1. Login to the mailman list's administrative web site.

2. Click on the “Privacy Options”.

3. Click on “Spam filters”.

4. Mailman lists are created with a default SPAM filter rule, and an action of 'accept'. To change either the rule or the action, scroll down to “SPAM filter Rule 1”.


If the box is empty and you want to implement SPAM filtering, copy this expression into the SPAM filter Rule box.




To change from “accept” to one of the other options, click on the appropriate radio button, scroll down and click “submit”.


5. LSIT recommends selecting the “discard” option, and setting the level at 6.


After testing how much SPAM mail gets through at the level “6” you can decide to make the filtering more aggressive by replacing the “6” with a lower number. “2” is the most aggressive setting.


Would this suggested " X-Spam-Level:\s*\*{6,}" work for Totalchoicehosting Mailman accounts? If not, any other suggestions for how to utilize the Spam Filter in Mailman?

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Also I believe surfire above had a question that could be answered that could prove to be even more help.


The list is getting SPAM from people trying to sell **** and Fake Rolexes. Like most SPAM, it's never from the same email address, so blocking the sender it pointless. When I look at the message headers, there is no "X-Spam" value which makes me think that Mailman messages aren't being routed through SPAM assasin.

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