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  1. I just downloaded and tried to install MediWiki version 1.7.1 and low and behold and I got this error message on install: PHP 5.0.0 or higher is required. ABORTING. My TCH server has PHP version 4.4.2. Other posts indicate that people are using MediaWiki, but the MediWiki site say earlier versions have security issues, so I am not keen to install these. I installed PHPWiki from the Fantastico library, but I would really rather have MediaWiki. Does anyone have any suggestions? Perhaps I should use an earlier version of MediaWiki since I am going to password protect the wik
  2. Is it possible to view the mail logs from a shared account without submitting a ticket? (Like through cPanel?) I want to make sure we are not going over our limits!
  3. I had the same problem and just set Mailman to reject email from non-members. This way real people who are honestly trying to join the list will get a message saying how to get in contact with the list owner and join. Otherwise, set Mailman to delete emails from non-members if you don't care. These options are under, Privacy --> Sender filters --> "Action to take for postings from non-members for which no explicit action is defined."
  4. Mailman, if configured correctly does not drop emails. It is a very good list manager. If you are having emails dropped it may be likely that you are exceeding TCH's email send limits. EDIT: TCH-Bruce - I removed part of this post because we don't talk about the limits in the open forums. If you want to know the limits open a ticket with the help desk. Thanks.
  5. Got a ticket in already. I think they are actually working on it because I keep getting emails from a list called "test" that I didn't setup.
  6. What Spam Assassin adds are some extra spam label headers to an email so that the programmes (such as mailman) can use that information to make decisions about what to do with that email. Unless Mailman is told (like myself or the top poster might do) to specifically to use those headers, TCH users of mailman will notice no difference in their list behavior. That's assuming it's been set up correctly by TCH of course!
  7. Here's how to do it. (http://www.python.org/cgi-bin/faqw-mm.py?req=all#4.23]) Doesn't seem that hard. Now go get to work!
  8. Hi TCH- You guys need to start routing the Mailman list emails through Spam Assassin. Currently, all Mailman list email addresses bypass Spam Assassin, leaving us who administrate lists no ability to control SPAM posted to the list. It seems like most systems have been setup to route their mailman list emails though Spam Assassin. It is a logical thing to do! Why should our regular emails (john@example.com) go through Spam Assassin, but our list emails (discussiongroup@example.com) do not. When Mailman lists emails have been configured to run through Spam Assassin, then it
  9. The list is getting SPAM from people trying to sell **** and Fake Rolexes. Like most SPAM, it's never from the same email address, so blocking the sender it pointless. When I look at the message headers, there is no "X-Spam" value which makes me think that Mailman messages aren't being routed through SPAM assasin.
  10. Thanks for the welcome everybody. Any of you smart techies want to take a stab at addressing my question?
  11. The SPAM filters in Mailman have nothing in them. I am getting a fair amount of SPAM posted to a list I only just set up yesterday, so I would like to utilize these filters. One website I saw suggested the following: Would this suggested " X-Spam-Level:\s*\*{6,}" work for Totalchoicehosting Mailman accounts? If not, any other suggestions for how to utilize the Spam Filter in Mailman?
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