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Frontpage 2003 Help Please!

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I use to use fp2000 and have now switched to fp2003, I created my whole webpage and was going back to create my links and they will not work!! I have an Iframe, created all my page names and tried to apply a link to the iframe, they won't show up!!!! I have never had this problem before. I can usually use this code:


<a target="iframe" href="nameofpage.html"><font size="2" color="#678372"><br>

:: Name of Page ::<br>


and when the link is clicked it goes right to my iframe on the page, NOW it won't work and I am pulling my hair out lol!!!


Please can anyone help, has anyone had this problem?


Thank you so much!


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I know this may sound kinda simple, but have you checked on Micro$oft's site for any changes they might have done? Maybe for some reason you need to put the whole path in for the file name. What variations have you tried already?

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Might be IE, or any other browser objecting to the order of the tags. They should be like this:

><font size="2" color="#678372"><br>
<a target="iframe" href="nameofpage.html">:: Name of Page ::</a><br>


You also forgot the closing tag *</a>* which makes a big difference.

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