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Why Or Why Not?


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Not sure of the 'rules' in this forum. If specifics and/or Manufactures are not proper, please delete this thread. If not, I would love two - five cents worth from everyone.


Background on use:


Dreamweaver MX (some pretty intense graphics) and database work (again, some pretty large). I do programming in various languages but that is not real demanding of resources. I would like to get heavy into flash, which would be demanding.


I also would like multiple monitors that would allow me to multitask easier.


Thanks for input. :D





Dell Dimension 8300 Series:  Pentium® 4 Processor at 3GHz with 800MHz front side bus  SP308B   

Memory:  512MB Dual Channel DDR SDRAM at 400MHz  512M4     

Keyboard:  Dell ® Quietkey ® Keyboard  QK     

Monitors:  SAVE $150! 18.1 in 1800FP Digital Flat Panel  1800FPP     

Video Card:  New 128MB DDR ATI RADEON™ 9800 Graphics Card with TV-Out and DVI  128AT98     

Hard Drive:  60GB Ultra ATA/100 7200RPM Hard Drive  60     

Floppy Drive and Additional Storage Devices:  3.5 in Floppy Drive  FD     

Operating System:  Microsoft® Windows® XP Home Edition  WHXP     

Mouse:  Dell® 2-button scroll mouse  SM     

Network Interface:  Integrated Intel® PRO 10/100 Ethernet  IN     

Modem:  No Modem Requested  N     

CD or DVD Drive:  48x CD-RW Drive with Roxio's Easy CD Creator®  48CDRW     

Sound Card:  SoundBlaster Live! 5.1 Digital Sound Card  SB1024     

Speakers:  Harman Kardon® HK-395 Speakers with Subwoofer  HK395     

Software Bundles:  Upgrade to Microsoft® Office Small Business w/EducateU  XPESB     

Limited Warranty, Services and Support Options:  2 Year Limited Warranty plus 2 Year On-site Service  B222YOS     




P.S. No, I do not want to build my own :D and yes, I actually do like Dell :)

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I love Dell computers, if I was ever to buy another pre built computer it would be a Dell. Awesome support, they use GREAT hardware, most everything is upgradeable (other than the motherboard, they are proprietary)


If you werent doing a lot of graphics work I'd say go AMD, but Intel is your best bet for that type of computing.


400MHZ DDR is great, there IS faster RAM but no motherboards that support it yet. Its 433MHZ but its basicly just overclocked 400MHZ.


/drool digital flat panel monitor


128MB DDR ATI RADEON™ 9800 Graphics Card with TV-Out and DVI 128AT98 AWESOME video card!!


OS: I'd go with XP pro if you have that option, more control over your OS


Sound Card, soundblaster cards use a LOT of system resources and generally install a lot of stuff you dont need. Does Dell offer any other options?


All the other stuff I didnt mention is pretty standard and looks good. Depending on what Dell charges, personally I'd look at a bigger hard drive, but I download a lot of stuff and rip all my music CD's to MP3

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