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Want To Host Another Domain With Tch...


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About a month ago, I purchased a silver hosting plan for a friend who I am building a website for.


I just got an email stating that the hosting for MY web site is about to expire.


I've decided to move my domain over to TCH. :)


My question is this... I already have an account with TCH, which I am using to host my friend's website. Is there a better way to add another hosting account to this? Or should I just go ahead and signup for a new package, as if I was a completely new customer...


I was looking at the reseller stuff, but I don't think that is what I am looking for...






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Nevermind... looks like there is an option to add my new hosting account onto my current user and email address...


Signed up for a new account...

Now just waiting to see if my old cPanel information and maybe my SQL database can be transferred. And maybe even all of my data and files, but if not, I have already backed up my files and my SQL database.



Thanks a bunch,


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Welcome to the forums Andrew! Aaron is correct...just submit a help desk ticket (link above) and the techs should be able to transfer your site easily enough. Word of caution...since things DO occasionally happen, make a backup of your current site first.

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