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  1. You know what? I'm such a dumby... I was working two days on this PHP code, and for some reason it wasn't connecting right, so I attributed it to the older version of PHP... I thought somehow the PHP 4 had totally different commands, or something, because it just was not working! In reality, the problem was that I did not add a MySQL user to the database, thus my code was never able to connect to the database. Once I did so, PHP code connected to MySQL just fine, just as I expected. I figured this out after I caught up on some sleep... So I'm attributing it to the lack to sleep... Sorry for opening this topic...
  2. Ahhh...ok... I see... Didn't think upgrading from PHP4 to PHP5 would cause other's scripts to be broken... It was a late night...lol. OK, well in that case, I'll just recode, and hope that TCH doesn't upgrade top PHP5. Sorry tho... I'm a n00b... When I said "pretty old" it's because I was comparing "4.3.11" to "5.0.5"... Sorry... Thanks for everything... You guys are still the best!!!!
  3. OK, well thanks for the welcome... Everyone is sooooo welcoming... :-D OK, well maybe that's just what I'll have to do I guess... But on the other hand, the release that is installed now, is pretty old... :-\ --But to be fair, I just tried out Linux OS a few days ago, and said heck with that, cause it was so stinkin hard to do anything, so I have no idea how hard it would be to upgrade to a newer release... Thanks for your response though!!!
  4. Hey... I just moved my site from my old web host... But now, some PHP functions are not working like they should... Did some research and found that my old site was currently running PHP version 5.0.3 and that "server 98" --which is the server my site is on, is only running PHP version 4.3.11. Looks like the newest version of PHP is 5.0.5... ----Is there anyway ya'll can upgrade to the new version of PHP for me, so I don't have to completely reprogram my PHP code? Thanks, Andrew EDIT: P.S. After typing this, I though, "Well maybe I should put this in a support ticket... --Should I do that?
  5. Nevermind... looks like there is an option to add my new hosting account onto my current user and email address... Signed up for a new account... Now just waiting to see if my old cPanel information and maybe my SQL database can be transferred. And maybe even all of my data and files, but if not, I have already backed up my files and my SQL database. Thanks a bunch, Andrew
  6. About a month ago, I purchased a silver hosting plan for a friend who I am building a website for. I just got an email stating that the hosting for MY web site is about to expire. I've decided to move my domain over to TCH. My question is this... I already have an account with TCH, which I am using to host my friend's website. Is there a better way to add another hosting account to this? Or should I just go ahead and signup for a new package, as if I was a completely new customer... I was looking at the reseller stuff, but I don't think that is what I am looking for... Thanks, Andrew
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