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Two Email Questions


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I have two quick questions on email.


First, I know there's an email limit of X messages per X minutes (or something similar). Does that include both incoming and outgoing traffic? Or is it only on sending -- we can receive all we want (within bandwidth limits) but only send X/Xminutes? [i have to admit, I'm fairly pleased that my mailing list is reaching a point where I have to start thinking about this. More than five people care what's going on at my site...]


Second, I may be setting up a client site where the TCH mailing limits will be too restrictive. I understand why the limits are in place and have no problem with them in general terms, but this client will be running both a mailing list and a fairly active discussion list. Is it possible to host a site in one place (at TCH) and run the email elsewhere? Does anyone have experience with splitting a site that way? Or in the long run will it be easier to just host this particular site elsewhere to keep their hosting and email in the same place?




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Hi Owatagal,


First of all, I have edited out the limit numbers since we do not want these numbers shown in the forum.


I don´t have the answer for the second question but for number one:

Or is it only on sending -- we can receive all we want (within bandwidth limits) but only send X/Xminutes?

Yes, this should be correct.

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