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Horde Logging Out Problem

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Does anyone know a way around a problem I am having?


I use Horde to check my mail while I am away from my home computer. For example, at the office I can login and use the very robust Horde client to read and respond to email. However, my company uses some sort of rotating IP system that changes my external IP address every five minutes or so. Apparently, horde tracks the IP address, because each time it changes, it logs me out of Horde. This usually seems to happen just after I finish typing a long reply to someone and have hit send - only to get an error message because I was logged out.


Anyone else have a similar problem and find a work-around? Know of any way to configure Horde not to do this? (And yes, I've tried Squirrel Mail, but it does not have the features I need).


Thanks for any advice.



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How brief is the period of time? We cannot change the timeout setting in PHP.ini as this will effect other users and the scripts they may be using.


According to the Horde FAQ;


"This is a feature, designed to prevent unauthorized use of a Horde session if you walk away from their computer leaving the browser running"

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