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In my email account, I have two inboxes.



As shown in the graphic, the first set of mailboxes just say inbox, but I've determined that these generic inboxes are for the domain name kathiscearce.com and the second mailbox (which is pretty clear) is for monicaburns.com. I can download email from the kathiscearce.com inbox in my Outlook, but I can't get email from monicaburns.com inbox into my Outlook. Here are my questions.


Does anyone know what the POP3 server name would be for accessing the monicaburns.com/monicaburns/inbox? I've already tried tacking on the monicaburns/inbox in Outlook POP3 server spot and that simply returns an error.


Is there a way for me to switch these mailboxes so that monicaburns.com becomes my primary inbox?


Is there a rule/filter I can set up that will allow me to forward email from either of these inboxes to the other so that I can download them into Outlook?


Any help would be appreciated.




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