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Php-nuke 7.8 Released

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Read more and get it here.


Hi Tom,


I was just wondering if the scripts library in the cpanel was going to be updated in the scripts library to include version 7.8? It still only lists version 7.6 in there. I have our TCH hosted site www.FairTaxIndiana.net utilizing PHPNUKE and we were thinking of using PHPNUKE for our new TCH hosting site www.FLFairTax.net that we just registered but haven't yet built. I'm sure would could always install the nuke from the scripts library and run the upgrade but it would be cleaner to do the newer one to begin with. Thanks Tom!


Tom Leser

FairTax IN Asst. State Director

FairTax FL District 15 Director

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Hey Tom, not sure if I welcomed you to the forums yet so let me do that now. cPanel decided when they do the updates so I cannot say for sure when they will do so. Your best bet is to go to the phpNuke website and get the latest version from there.

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