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Blocking Emails From Unwanted Email Address

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I only want to currently use 2 email addresses so I've set up Outlook for the following addresses.


SUPPORT @ onlineautorama.com and WEBMASTER @ onlineautorama.com.


I'm getting emails that are being sent to SALES @ my domain, OWNER @ my domain and ALL @ my domain.


Is there away to ONLY receive emails from the addresses that I want to use and not the ones I dont use?


I've tried blocking the email address and I've also tried sending replies to them and get errors that the mail could not be delivered to that address.


I dont even hardly use my main email addresses and I NEVER use them for Submitting my URL's or signing up somewhere. I only use them for personal emails.


I know that there are spider programs that search for .com and email addresses on other people sites and theres no way of me to stop them from doing that but i just want to know if theres a way to ONLY receive emails to the addresses I want them at and not any other address.


I hate Spam. Even my Internet Provider Road Runner sells my main email address. They allow 5 email addresses and the only one i get spam from is my main address which road runner says that I am not allowed to change for any reason, They say i'd have to quit RR and join using another name which I'm thinking is Illegal.


But anyway i can see why they dont want me to change my main address tho,.. I mean if a business that had access to thousands of main known working good email addresses and were selling them to people I'm sure they'd be worth a lot of money, What business would buy junk addresses from people that were allowed to change them all the time? They'd be selling and buying email addresses that didnt work and when someone is paying good money for information, I'm sure they want that information to be good wouldnt they?


Well anyway,... Yeah i hate spam.

I only want to receive email currently from those 2 addresses only. Is there a Fix?



Thank you.




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In cPanel select Default Address. Make sure the :fail: is entered for your domain.


That should automatically reject any mail coming to your domain for which you do not have an address set up.

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Don't forget to put exactly what Bruce gave you. You must have the trailing colon, or it won't work correctly (which is a common mistake).


Good luck!

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Okay,... In cPanel I Clicked Default Address nothing was there, I clicked [ Set Default Address ] and added :fail:


Default Address Maintenance

Send all unrouted e-mail for: Onlineautorama.com :fail:



Now i'm not getting my mail in outlook.


Whats up?

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Ahh,.. Never Mind. I figured it out.


You didnt say i'd have to go in to manage accounts then create the 2 accounts i wanted then reconfigure outlook account information for them...


But anyway i got it. thanks for the :fail: info.


So what will happen to the mail i dont get? Will it be sent back to the sender a thousand and one times?







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