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Some Questions Before Final Desicion


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Hello, I am thinking about buying a Deluxe Plan. But before the final decision, I would like to ask some questions.


1. Right now I am using a hosting service also with C-panel. I read that TCH can help me to copy the files. Does it mean TCH can help me to move all the files under one specific folder and the corresponding databases to my TCH space? After removing, can those websites be run without reconfiguring? (considering the name, account, and password of databases are not changed - I am so worry about losing information in my databases)


2. my current domain is registered at 1and1.com, and it will expire sometimes in April. Is there a way to continue the registration with TCH after the expiration w/o risking losing my domain to others?


3. I am using Gallery in my old site. Is it OK in TCH? Can I install NetPBM for myself?


hmm, so far I only have these 3 questions. Maybe more will follow... :)

Thank you for your input.

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1. Yes, we can copy your whole account (databases, emails, files, folders etc) so everything should run here without any modification.


2. If you wish to transfer the domain name to us as the domain name registrar, I would transfer it now. You are not allowed to transfer it close to the expiry date. Transferring it will add another year to the registration anyway.

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Thank you Andy. Yeah, I would like to give it a shot, since my current hosting company almost drives me crazy these days...


May I first open a silver plan then see if I need upgrade to deluxe? 850mb space is enough for me, I just not sure if 20GB bandwidth is OK. And I would like transfer the files first, then run it for several day. If everything goes on well, I will transfer the domain too.


So what I should do is to order the silver plan right now?


btw: I asked 3rd question while you were answering the first 2 questions. Could you take a look at the 3rd one in my above post? :)

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Hello feiliao,



1. The answer is yes you can upgrade your account at any point by submitting a ticket to the Help Desk


2. You can set up your site prior to transferring your domain.

You can purchase the plan that you choose Here


The answer to your 3rd Question is yes Gallery can be used on the servers. There is more information on how to set that up Here


Let us know if you need more information.


Thank you and we look forward to you joing the family


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I will buy the plan right now.. then I suppose I will receive a welcome email telling me how to request a transfer of Cpanel for me? (I only need transfer some of the folders and databases, not the entire Cpanel... Since my old hosting plan is hosting two different websites for me. I only want to transfer one of them to TCH)

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