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Man, my board is gone! I was replacing files after the upgrade to Version .11 and now it takes me to the install.php page :)


So, I decided to just restore my database only to find out that my databases are 0 byte files!!! :eek:


I am devastated here and I don't know what to do...I was told that my SQL database *should* still be intact and I could back up from there, but HOW?!


Man, I gotta get this back up and runnin' here 'cause I'd have lost almost 9 months worth of data and nearly 900 users. Does ANYONE know a way I can get my board back up and running?!

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Thanks Robert, it's worth a try :eek:


And yea, I know I'm the only one responsible, and I know that I should've checked to see if the file downloaded properly :eek:


It's ironic too, because I deal with tech support all day at work and I have to say "make sure you backup next time" too many times to count. If I'm lucky enough to get the board back up and running, I'm gonna have to make it a point to validate my backups right after.


*crosses fingers* Let's see what happens. Thanks in any event. :)

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