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Can Someone Help Me Make A Simple Crontab?

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I was wondering if someone could help me with a simple CronTab. Unfortunatly, I've never used them before, and I have no idea of the commands or syntax.


I want to copy two files (let's call them "file1.html" and "file2.html") from the folder "private" (which I created on the root level) to "www/destinationfolder", replacing the two existing files.


The CronTab scheduler seems easy enough to figure out, so I should be fine with that.




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I think I've figured out the syntax...


>cp -f private/file1.html www/destinationfolder/file1.html

cp -f private/file2.html www/destinationfolder/file2.html


Do I need to make a Crontab for each command, or can I lump them together somehow?


What timezone are the servers set to? (So I can adjust the run-time accordingly.)

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