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Please Support Java Servlets And Jsp

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Overall, I've been very happy hosted on TCH. Your prices are very reasonable, and your service people have always been helpful.


But the one downside has been the lack of server-side Java capability. Perl and PHP are, in my experience, much more difficult to program with. Please consider adding servlet and JSP capability. Thanks.

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That's too bad... I've been in the web business for a long time, and TCH is simply the best hosting solution around. Its really a shame you guys are not considering doing the JSP/JAVA/TOMCAT thing (I'm not even asking full EJB support :wallbash: )


A lot of my clients that require enterprise-class system development in java, I just have to send them to other hosting services.


Please please please consider it!! I think is the only thing missing to make your hosting services simply perfect.



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Welcome to the forums, Max :P


On a shared server allowing server side applications to be running will effect everyone on the server. If you really require those applications you can get a dedicated server and run them with no problem.

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