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  1. Overall, I've been very happy hosted on TCH. Your prices are very reasonable, and your service people have always been helpful. But the one downside has been the lack of server-side Java capability. Perl and PHP are, in my experience, much more difficult to program with. Please consider adding servlet and JSP capability. Thanks.
  2. My favorite Java editor is Eclipse www.eclipse.org. FYI, Java and JavaScript are really completely different things. Java is strictly object-based code and needs to be compiled into byte code before it can be run. On the web, it's either run on the web server in what are called servlets or JSP pages -- neither of which we can run on TCH's servers, if I'm not mistaken -- or in client-side programs called applets that are embedded into web pages. JavaScript has a somewhat different syntax and doesn't need to be compiled -- just insert it into your web page inside a <script> section.
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