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Exposed The Blog Spammer


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I'm hoping for some feedback on that.


What appeals most to me at the moment would be to find out what ISP they're using (guessing orbitel.bg) and complaining to them.


Also, getting journalists to write about it.


But, that may take some time, because I haven't actually contacted the twins, and responsible journalists will probably at least e-mail them and ask for comments.


But I guess the two main advantages to me personally (the perks), would be:

1) Hopefully more attention to my plight to close down as many open proxies as possible

2) I can put spamhunter on my resume!


I'm open to new challenger jobwise...

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Another thing, as I mentioned in my blog, I'm looking for someone to help me write a script that dumps everything the spammer is trying to pump into my comment script or formmail.


No prettifying, no formatting.


Just everything sent, and a time stamp, UA and IP in addition. And there's something you can add that gives you the IP number beyond the proxy, if it's transparent enough to give you that.


I'll bait and switch the spammer with some creative .htaccess'ing, and leave the real comment script up for the rest of the world.


Output either to mail or a hidden page.


I'm happy I don't have to clean my blog of hundreds of comments, but sad that I don't have the evidence to send to open proxy owners etc...


Plus, I've been wanting to study the way they exploit formmail for years!

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