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Installing Bulletin Boards

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A while ago, I had started a conversation about a How To for installing a Bulletin Board for my site. I'd like to rekindle that disucssion a this time.


What I'd like to gather information on is:


(1) How do people install and manage a phpBB on their TCH sites?

(2) How do you develop new "features" - ie. do you have a development instance of the BB on your own server?

(3) How do you backup/restore and perform configuration management functions for your BB?


Other ideas that would help a NewBie get started would be most welcome.


Examples of other BBs that use phpBB would be great as well.





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Setting up the BB is simple enough through the cpanel. I have a simple one set up for my site. There are several thousand add-ons you can add to it such as the add attachment hack - custom skins instead of the standard sub-silver almost anything you might want to add to it. From arcade games to stock and weather tickers and fantasy sports and SPAMMER-BEWARE hacks.


i have several sites in my a fav. folder that i go to when adding hacks or having someone install them for me. If you are interested PM or email me and i will give you the Urls as i figure posting them here might be against the rules. (im not sure)



I might be able to post this one


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