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  1. A while ago, I had started a conversation about a How To for installing a Bulletin Board for my site. I'd like to rekindle that disucssion a this time. What I'd like to gather information on is: (1) How do people install and manage a phpBB on their TCH sites? (2) How do you develop new "features" - ie. do you have a development instance of the BB on your own server? (3) How do you backup/restore and perform configuration management functions for your BB? Other ideas that would help a NewBie get started would be most welcome. Examples of other BBs that use phpBB would be great
  2. Hi, Using File Manager, I am having trouble deleting some files. Here is one that will not go away: 2004-09-05-Avnika+Finishes-Puzzle.jpg. What I need to know is (1) Is there a way to request TCH to purge ALL The files for my domain web site so that its back to being in Virgin State? (2) What characters are verboten in File Names so that I can ensure that files are appropriately named and can be manipulated through the CPANEL FIle Manager. Regards Divya
  3. Wasn't there a photo album script that was available through CPANEL? I wanted to have a web based photo album for my site. I'd like one that I can delegate so that myself AND others I authorize on my site can set up their own albums. Any ideas?
  4. Try: http://www.freelancecenter.com/ and http://elance.com. There are a couple of others .. but these two I have references from my colleagues for.
  5. Hi all, I have decided upon using IPB 1.2 as available through my CPANEL and will wait to upgrade. I think that both of the following all will likely meet my needs: -- IPB 2.x -- vBulletin as these are the boards that I have found being used at most of the sites that I have frequented. Also, it seems that IPB's new licensing is in line with other non-Open Sourced forum vendors. FOr example, vbulletin has similar restrictions. Can anyone point me to a tutorial on how to use IPB 1.2? Is there a HowTo document for most common things that people want to do with the fo
  6. FWIW: I found a listing of some available forums at this site: http://www.sitepoint.com/forums/showthread.php?t=59251 Comments on the Forums listed?
  7. Hmm, so I am back to my original question - which forum software to use. I was looking forward to using the IPB's THREADED view of forums. I'll have to wait and see what other forum software is available for a reasonable cost. (I don't mind paying for one, but I do mind the approach that IPB has taken with 2.0).
  8. Great. Thanks for the answers. I'll try out IPB v1.x and then when ready, I'll move onto IPB 2.x ... I think that's the best approach. Now, how do I go about setting up Secure IMAP/POP3/SMTP access? What is the procedure to get a SSL Certificate? I wanted to get one from http://instantssl.com. Divya
  9. Hmm, what's a self install? And how do I do it? Do I need to pruchase my own license of the forum software? Also, one question I had was - is IPB v1.2 available to deploy for free? Because it may be best for me to try out v1.x first and then decide about when to move to v2.0. Thanks
  10. According to http://forums.invisionpower.com/lofiversio...hp/t150100.html, IPB 2.0.1 is available. This forum is hosted on IPB v1.3. I had assumed that IPB v1.3 was freely available through TCH? Is this true? If not, what subscriptiuon model is used? And do these answer apply for IPB 2.x Here are the requirements for IPB2: * PHP 4.1.0 (or better) * MySQL 3.23 (or better) Thanks Divya
  11. So, I am thinking about using either IPB or phpBB (or some other software). I need to get some help here. 1. Is IPB 2.0 available? It has threaded views which is important to me. 2. I wanted my Forum to be "Invitation Only". 3. Can access to forums be controlled? Or another way to put it is, can I have multiple forums that share a common user base? 4. If you chose IPB, what were the features of the most interest to you? 5. If you choose phpBB, what were the features of the most interest to you? Thanks in advance for your interest. Divya
  12. Ok, you have me sold. Thanks for all the answers.
  13. Hmm, Thanks for the detailed answers. But one comment of your's piqued my interest - Reseller Accounts. I tried to follow this link from your FAQ page: http://www.totalchoicehosting.com/web-hosting-reseller.html but got a Web Site Not Found Error. Where can I get more details on this? Although I am NOT planning on being a reseller, I'd like to be able to map one or more of my other domains to a sub URL of my primary domains. In fact, I'd like to do this to allow me to manage these sites better. Thanks Divya
  14. Hmm, that's great news. So, what steps do I take for making the transition? Do you have a checklist? Also, I'd like to find out about the two Forum software packages. Is there a comparision anywhere that I can use to see which one suits my needs best? As far as backups are concerned, is there any extra cost for backups? I also want to find out whether there is information about your processes for handling upgrades. You are running RedHat Linux 7.x. What's the upgrade path? How do you handle requests like "I need version x of Perl and version y of the FooBar Module", etc. I
  15. Hi all, I am looking for a hosting provider that will allow me to do the following: - Use Mozilla Composer to publish my static pages - Allow me to host a Forum so I can build an online community - what are my options here? - Allow me to host the forum over HTTPS - Help me to transition an existing domain from another hosting provider - Back up my forum data periodically - Provide a way to use SCP to copy files to/from the hosting service - Provide monitoring tools so that I can have detailed monitoring of the usage and traffic to the site - Do we have Web Based e-mail Readers?
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