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Hi All,

When I update my files in the cpanel it seems to take a while before the changes are updated. For ex. if I edit a file in my public_html and save it, or change the name of the file, cpanel doesn't seem to find the revised file for a while. It finds them eventually. Same thing for deleting files.


I am also new to all this mysql and php stuff, but I am trying to learn it. (very fustrating, lol). However, my fustration are compounded by the delayed updates.


This dealy also seems to accure when I upload ftp files too.


Am I doing something wrong, is there a faster to way to test my php files and such. IT takes for ever and is very slow going.



On another note, perhaps someone can give me a little help. I am trying to write some simple code to view some tables on my web page that I created in mysql. I have been using the Kevin Yank book,(which is very good by the way), but I don't think I am getting the whole picture.


Is there any script that has already been writtin that would help me with this. This seems like that this would be generic code. Perhaps this would be a good starting point.


Thanks much,


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The delay that you are referring to is not from the server side nor is it a function of cpanel. Your updates are available immediately. There are some things that you can check to find the culprit of the delay. First of which is to make sure that your browser is set to refresh the page "on every visit". See, if the page is in cache, then you are probably viewing that page, not the 'real' one. If you are using IE, then click Tools, Internet Options and in Temporary Internet Files click on Settings. Choose to refresh on every visit and see if that helps you.



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