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hi sorry for poor english

i have just buy a domain with space on your server

now i need to protect access with .htaccess and a external admin system

but when i try to upload my .htaccess on some directory to protect i can't see the file and if i test the system by external application nothing is working

the site is www.peppervideo.com

when i try to access to the folder in which i have uploaded the .htaccess (remember that by FTP i can't see it) i have the mask for access but using correct password i'm not able to access.


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What FTP program are you using? You can set the file mask to -a which will show all files.

If that does not work, log onto your cpanel at 'www.peppervideo.com/cpanel' and look for the link/icon for 'File Manager'. From there you should be able to see your .htaccess. If it is not there you can upload it via File Manager.

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:D ops i don't know this option

i use cuteFTP and/or filezilla and usually i can see this file on other sites of mine :)

many many thanks

with cpanel file manager i can see them ... B)

can i delete the .htpasswds folder in root ??? i think that for a mistake i made it in wrong place so if u say me that isn't a system default folder i delete it

thanks again


PS in filezilla client i set to show all hidden files and now i can see everithing

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I have had this exact same problem like 9 months ago.. I found out it was something I did with my OS. Reason I say that is because no matter how many ftp clients I would try, the .htaccess would still not be visible to the client. Even after I set it to -a (to show all hidden files). I could see it through cpanel and other machines, but not on mine. I just did a clean install of the OS and it finally worked. Til this day, I have no idea what the hell I did that caused that problem.

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