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I recently tried to install zencart. I changed the relevant permissions and followed the other instructions, with the help of Rickasauras.


I created a database in cpanel, however when I enter in the database settings into the zencart installation, I receive an error message indicating it can't find the database.


I am certain there is nothing wrong with the username and password I am using.


Any suggestions?


I did make one mistake when changing the permissions in the files. I accidently moved the www folder. It does not seem to make a difference to the site. But could it be affecting installation and location of the database?


Help me please....



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leesha, first of all, welcome to the family! :D


As for your problem, did you use "yourcpanelusername_databasename" as the database name? Also, the username must be in the same form: "yourcpanelusername_dbusername".


Let me know if this helps. :rolleyes:


PS - Moving for better organization.

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;) Welcome to the Family Leesha ;)


and your new home!

Also be sure you created a user with password and added the user to the database

in cpanel > MySql


The www folder is a like a shortcut to your public_html folder

Where did you move it to?


We really are like family here.

So if you need anything,

just ask your new family!

We love to help :)

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Thank you everybody for your warm welcome. I believe that I have set up the database correctly.


The www folder is now empty and sitting in the public_html folder. I can't move it back.


I have checked my reseller account and confirmed the user has access to 1 SQL database.


I have tried reloading the files and reistalling again in case something went wrong.


Rickasauras has tried installing it for me, after he recently successfully installed his own zen cart. This tells me I am not making a silly mistake. Do i need to activate something on my reseller account?


I am on server77.


Any other suggsetions would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks again



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It shouldn't be necessary:

Using an FTP program (maybe it works with cPanel's file manager, too but I'm not sure.), rename the 'www' directory to '../www' - that should move it one level up, into your home directory, where it belongs. :(

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Hello everyone. I have managed to install zencart successfully. I had created the database and the user, but had not added the user to the database. Silly mistake really. I had also not set my reseller account to allow 1 database for this user.


Thanks for all your help!

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