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By reputation I have chosen TCH as a new home. I think I've got the process figured out after reading a few pages throughout your site.


I currently own waiparous.com and I want to transfer it to here. I also want to get the silver plan and pay yearly through paypal. My paypal request has gone in and I should have access to the coin by Monday.


Should I transfer the domain first and then purchase a years hosting or just do it all at once?


From what I gather, it would be a better idea to to the transfer first. I've been doing this web stuff long enough to call myself an educated novice so excuse me if I ask any dumb questions hehe.




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Welcome to the forums.  It matters not but many will get the hosting first and upload the site to it before initiating the transfer.  That way there is minimal downtime during the transfer.

I imploded my site. First time I didn't do a backup before making major changes and sure as $^#* it had to happen then heh.


So yea, this is why I figured its about time to go to a real host :lol:


I think I'm going to try and a build using phpnuke. it looks nifty.



Still waiting on the transfer of $$ to my paypal, I'd guess middle of next week.

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my paypal bank transfer just completed this morning. I attempted to transfer my registration and purchase the silver plan with my paypal account but it still wanted me to add a credit card. I was not aware that a card was needed even when paying with paypal.


I don't have a credit card, is their some other option?

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