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over the last 2 days i've gotten like 20 or 30 emails to various of my email addresses at thisisvlad.com, most of which have this message:


Dear user of thisisvlad.com,


We have detected that your account has been used to send a large amount of spam messages during this week.

Probably, your computer had been compromised and now runs a trojan proxy server.


Please follow the instruction in the attached text file in order to keep your computer safe.


Virtually yours,

thisisvlad.com user support team.


what gives?? is there anything i can do to stop this?? along w/ these i've recieved several emails from mailer daemon etc.


most of these emails have attached zip files that i have not opened.


the weird thing is, i've been traveling for the past month, and only use the internet at net cafes. i have no computer of my own, dont have an address book or use outlook... i ony use the horde interface you guys provide. any thoughts?



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