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  1. i cant seem to access horde. i log into webmail... it shows me the three email programs (horde, squirrelmail, and roundcube). when i click on horde, i get a 404. what happened? *v
  2. A few minutes ago, this thread was closed, and i thought my girlfriend's site was done for. as a last resort, i private messaged Bill and asked if there was any way to resolve all of this. i mentioned that the chargeback was an innocent mistake, that i really wanted to make everytihng right, and was willing to pay the $100 chargeback fee and any other fees. not more than 2 minutes later, there was a response from bill. we talked and he said that they *never* reverse chargebacks, but that he'd make an exception in my case since he could tell it was just an honest mistake. i couldnt believe it! i had been sure that my girlfriend would never be able to see her site again. not only that, but when i offered to pay the $100 bucks, he said that TCH would eat the cost. wow. so basically, i am extremekly grateful to TCH for restoring the account and being so understanding! all of my past interactions with TCH have been very positive and this was a great example of how far their employess would go to help out a member. Thanks Bill!
  3. here's the thing, if cable was planning on shutting down their service, they would probably contact you first. in fact, i would bet yoou would get *several* letters warning you in advance. they wouldnt just shut everything off with no warning. plus, tere's a big difference between getting cable shut off and having your site deleted. if your cable is shut off, no big deal, you just go and have it turned back on. if TCH deletes 2 years worth of priceless diary entries and photos, then what can you do?
  4. recently i posted a new topic in this forum. the topic was titled "my girlfriend lost everything". Shockingly, just a few minutes later, TCH modified the title of my post to "content deleted". two people, one of them a TCH "guru" replied to my comment. i then replied to them refuting their arguments, and showing my point of view. a few hours later, i was surprised to find that not only did TCH close my topic and not allow anyone else to post to it, but they also deleted my two responses! they only left the three responses of other people who had disagreed with me. i am not sure why TCH would do this? what is the point of this forum if people aren't allowed to express their thoughts about TCH and it's actions?? ooohhhh, wait! i get it. people can only express positive feedback that makes TCH look good. woops! i should have know better than to really speak my mind.
  5. i just want to say that i am extremely disappointed in this company. my girlfriend tried to log in to her account yesterday to find her website *gone*. yes, completely gone. her online diary/blog that she has been working on for 2 years. thousands and thousands of photos. email. yes, everything had disappeared. when she opened a ticket with TCH to ask about it, she just got a terse one sentence response saying that since her credit card charges were returned, her account was immediately deleted. she had received no warnings, no email, no phone call... just the drastic measure of deleting her account. how could this happen? i did an online chat with a support person today, and finally got to the root of the problem. 5 or 6 months ago, my girlfriend got a charge on her credit card statement. the charge was from "2checkout", a company she had never heard of. when she went to their website, it appeared to be some random shopping site... one that she had never seen before and definitely never bought from before. so, she did what any normal person would do, she disputed the charge with her credit card company. it wasn't until just today that i found out that the "2checkout" charge was actually from totalchoice. how was my girlfriend supposed to know that?! so now, she is being penalized for doing what any normal person does: reviewing her credit card bill and disputing unknown charges. everything she did online for the last 2 years (and she made entries in her blog almost every single day) is all completely deleted and TCH says they cant do anything about it. she (and i) is extremely upset about this. how can they do this to her without any warning? deleting someone's blog and gallery is like breaking into their home and shredding their photo albums and burning their diary. unbelievable.
  6. is it possible to set up an .htaccess file to have my subdomain point to my regular domain? in other words, when someone goes to sub.domain.com/file.html it will show them www.domain.com/file.html. i DO NOT want to use the cpanel redirect, as this will actually replace the url in the browser url bar. i want the user to still see sub.domain.com in his browser url bar.
  7. i'm using horde for my email and it doesnt seem to save my settings. for instance, i go into options, change the emails displayed per page from 20 to 50. the change doesnt do anything!! then, when i go back to options, i see that the emails per page is set to 20 again! also, i've created a new identity and saved it, but when i check there is still only the default identity. what can i do?! also, i have tried to go into the "live chat" support feauture. even when it says that the live support is "online" i never get a response. it just asks me to leave a message eventually. why is this?
  8. not sure which forum i should post this under, so i am posting it here... cessing my site from about 22 different countries where i have been updating a blog and posting my images. i have had very few issues. all of a sudden, now that i am in africa, i can not access my site. at all!!! i'm really not sure why. my girlfriend also has her site hosted on totalchoice, and yet her site works great. when i try to ping my site from here, i get no response. i'm assuming that for whatever reason, possibly the ISPs here dont have a record of my site. what can i do?! if i try and use a proxy server to view my site, then it does work.. but of course using a proxy is much much slower than just viewing my site normally. does anyone out ther have advice?
  9. so i've recently been informed by several of my friends that my emails havent gotten through to them!! why could this be? some of my emails have worked fine, but they havent received other emails that i have sent out. this is really frustrating since i dont want to have to ask them over and over if they got my latest emails. i didnt receive a bounce from the server or any errors. what could it be?? i'm on server 78 *v
  10. over the last 2 days i've gotten like 20 or 30 emails to various of my email addresses at thisisvlad.com, most of which have this message: what gives?? is there anything i can do to stop this?? along w/ these i've recieved several emails from mailer daemon etc. most of these emails have attached zip files that i have not opened. the weird thing is, i've been traveling for the past month, and only use the internet at net cafes. i have no computer of my own, dont have an address book or use outlook... i ony use the horde interface you guys provide. any thoughts? *v
  11. that's a command that's run inside the app so i can't add the slash at the end. it looks like it's just not finding the executable "convert". is that file missing possibly? *v
  12. yeah, i pointed the image magick path in the config to "/usr/local/bin" so i'm not sure hwy it wouldnt be working. why would it not find the file "convert"? could it be missing on this specific server? *v
  13. is imagemagick installed on all of your servers? i am on Server76. i recently installed the gallery software "gallery" and can't seem to get it to work! when i contacted their customer support they said that it may be because my path to imagemagick is incorrect. the error i get is: Executing: '/usr/local/bin/convert' -quality 90 -size 200x200 +profile '*' '/home/girlcra/public_html/galleries/albums/album01/crunch.jpg' -geometry 200x200 '/home/girlcra/public_html/galleries/albums/album01/crunch.thumb.jpg' Results: none Debug messages:: sh: line 1: /usr/local/bin/convert: No such file or directory *v
  14. ok, i tried to install the program "gallery" on my site. unfortunately, i must have installed it wrong because it wouldnt run correctly. now, i am trying to delete the files and it wont let me!! i can't delete them using ftp, not the file manager program. also, when i try to chmod the files, they wont change either! what can i do!! i need to delete the files to re-install the program! this is for the site girlcrayon.com *v
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