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Formmail With Auto Responder

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I've installed a FORMMAIL that I dowloaded from http://www.tectite.com/formmailpage.php


Initially, I installed an auto responder on my TCH account server which works great when sending E-mails outside of the form from the same or different domain. But when I specified a form E-mail to be sent to the autoresponder address (in order to receive an automated confirmation response) after the form was submitted the server failed to send an auto response but the form did send the E-mail to that autoresponder address. My guess is that server won't allow E-mails sent via forms to be autoresponded via the same server as the domain.


So I decided to add a form script that sends the auto responder E-mail from the form itself. I've got the form working perfectly except for the auto response. Here is the link below:




Anyone have any ideas why this won't send the auto response? Spam assassin possibly or maybe a mail filter?


Thanks for your assistance.

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I looked at your form.

There probbly will be a processing php that actually does the job. It might be in there.

But I also noticed something out of the ordinary in your lines. I don't know if this causes the problem but check out this:

><input type=text name=country size=30 maxlength=50>
                                   <strong>*E-mail Address:</strong><br>

                                   <input type=text name="email" size=30 maxlength=50>
                                   <strong>*Daytime phone:</strong><br>
                                   <input type=text name=daytime_phone size=30 maxlength=25>

Note that email is between " " and the other fields aren't. That could cause a recognition problem.


I also want to add that ,though you have a verifying image (which is difficult to read), your email adresses are easily recovered. Thus making them easy to steal and spam although not directly from the form it self.


You might want to consider looking HERE (click this)


This ia very easy to use form mail script that will hide your email adresses, has anti-spoof (not able to send mail outside the side) and in commercial version allowes the use of MySql database.


It also has great support and his own support forum.

Quite recently there was a discussion there that might be of interest for you also. Another restaurant owner is making changes that an automated confirm, waiting list, denial message is sent to the customer.(?).

The customer will know instantly if there are still seats available.

You can check out the forum HERE


Good luck!

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If your form has a hidden field for you to enter an e-mail address to send to as yours does

<input type=hidden name="recipients"


it is not displayed , but avilable to spambots

is is part of your page html


the better forms let you hard code the recipents into the form mailer

where it can't be seen.

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My formmail php file has a remedy for those spambots that crawl sites for E-mail addresses. It allows for the E-mail addresses to be mangled in the form code and demangled in the php. I don't know if this is the most effective solution but it appears to make sense.

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After successfully (so I thought) creating and testing the following forms I am now experiencing intermittent success with the formmail.





Sometimes it verifies the verifier image (and sends the form data and auto responder) and other times it will not (regardless of what form out of the two I have generated are submitted).


There are two different script errors that are sent to my DEF_ALERT address:


The following error occurred in FormMail:


Error=Your entry did not match the image





The following error occurred in FormMail:



Error=Failed to obtain authorization to send you email



I also receive the same browser errors as before:


An error occurred while processing the form

Your entry did not match the image


Your form submission was processed by formmail.php (3.00), available from www.tectite.com



I'm thinking that it may be caching or server problems (out of disk space, buggy version of the web server software, old PHP installation,....). Anybody have any ideas?




On a different note:

Another strange phenomenon occurs when the submitter uses a yahoo address. The FROM_USER defined in the formmail.php which I have set to "La Famiglia Ristorante staff" truncates/changes to "La@yahoo.com" If another E-mail provider is used it works fine.

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