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So i have a website www.creativeprinter.com, and it has a simple little form for price quotes we would like to have emailed to a certain email. Nothing to serious, but... I have a little bit of knowledge in web site but not much so if anyone out there could lend me a few tips to get this bugger to work, I would be most grateful. I have looked around and seen how other web sites have done this and I think I have it the same, but obviously not because I keep getting a "formmail clone has been disabled by Administrator" error or 404 error. ummm... oh I had one of the Total Choice Hosting helper dudes put this formmail.pl in my cgi-bin directory.








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Ultimate Form Mail is great - thanks a million for the advice


I suggest that you add this as a link in the tools & script section as I am sure there are many looking around for things like this. It's dead easy to install integrate to your site and get it operational.

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Great work (as usual)

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