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  1. That's OK - Situations change What would you suggest as a solution in order to access cpanel and whm when stuck behind a firewall?
  2. Just checking - In a previous posting in the forums, TCH Bruce suggested cPanelproxy as a solution to login problems - e.g stuck behind annoying firewalls etc. http://www.totalchoicehosting.com/forums/i...hl=cpanel+proxy What would you recommend as a solution otherwise to access cpanel when port 2082 or 2086 is blocked? Port 80 is almost always accessible. /Dennis
  3. Ultimate Form Mail is great - thanks a million for the advice I suggest that you add this as a link in the tools & script section as I am sure there are many looking around for things like this. It's dead easy to install integrate to your site and get it operational. Rock Sign Great work (as usual)
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