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Denying Access To Form Mail Folders

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Several months ago there was a discussion about using a modified .htaccess file to keep outsiders from using your form mail for their own purposes. I installed it then but didn't save a copy of the modified file, and instructions on where to install it, for back-up.


I just uninstalled the FrontPage extensions from my account, thereby wiping my .htaccess protections, and didn't make a copy of that file beforehand (some days I just amaze myself.) I can't find that discussion again.


Would someone be kind enough to post those instructions again so I can reinstall that protection on my account? This time, I'll make a back-up copy.

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Thanks, Rob. Dick's solution looks like a real kicker. This isn't the thread I was looking for but it's certainly one to consider when I get a better grip on using php scripts. Don is walking me through my first experience - what a saint! :huh:


The thread I saw was answered by one of the two TCH Mikes, I think Bruce even chimed in. It was a simple line or two of code in an .htaccess file that denied access to the cgi-bin folder. I used it and regularly saw 404 errors where cretens had tried to access my formmail. I was actually surprised at how often it happened given how obscure my site is. B)


Again, thanks for the help! Thumbs Up

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Don is walking me through my first experience - what a saint!  :blink:

LOL, thats not what my wife says :)



Seriously, Dicks solution is great!

I seldom see a repeat probe for formmail anymore.


I made my error page witha black background, so they don't see the switch to turnofftheinternet dot com :dance:

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