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My url is http://www.biom.net/index.htm and I've just added to my FrontPage site a couple of "hot icons" in the upper leftbar and rightbar (shared borders) which link to my Expression Engine blogs. (http://www.biom.net/dojo.php/ and http://www.biom.net/dojo.php/teahouse/index/)


It seems that whenever I load pages into FrontPage, it adds "_vti_cnf" folders/files to all of my Expression Engine folders, which causes the following error message when the browser tries to access my Expression Engine blog.


Error: Unable to delete the following file: _vti_cnf


In the past I went through all of my Expression Engine folders and deleted the "_vti_cnf" folders/files, but now they're all back :angry:


Feels to me like FrontPage is acting as a virus.


Can you help me figure out how to keep FrontPage from "infecting" my Expression Engine sites? (I built my original site in FP, so I cannot just chuck FP.)


Your help is greatly appreciated.



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Personally, I agree with you that FP is a virus LOL.


OK. vti_cnf is a file used by FrontPage, so you cannot simply get rid of it. What you need to do is make sure that you are logging in to the site through FP's FTP client as the site admin (your primary account) and then that the file structure is correct locally. Additionally, that the site is headed for the root initially.

I have seen this before with FP, and cannot recall the full cure off the top of my head. Let me think on it a little and we'll see if someone swings by with the correct answer in the mean time.

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