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What's On Your Desk?

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Head Guru is fired up about this one!


Here's the deal:

Any forum member can participate! Even Mods, Admins and TCH employees.

Take a picture of your work area (home or work).

The only criteria is that the TCH banner links page must be on your monitor and visible in the picture (y'know to prove it's really yours).

Start a new topic of your own in this forum and upload your picture.


Head Guru is very clear about this: He is the only judge!


Deadline for entering your picture is 11:59pm EST on April 17th, 2003 (Hmmm. One minute before your taxes are due!)


And the winner gets a DVD Burner! A single Second place will be awarded a free plan upgrade to the next plan higher than their current plan!


Let's hear it. My host rocks! Does yours?


TCH Rocks

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Man, I don't know who I was listening to when I got that one messed up, but PLEASE US citizens, pay your taxes by the end of April 15th, not 17th!!!


Contest dead line is still 11:59pm CST on April 17th, 2003


:D :lol:



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