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What Software For My Homemade Web Server?


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I've decided to convert one of my old PC's into a web server, as I'm moving into a house at Uni in September and will finally be able to get broadband (my home here is too far from the exchange! grr). But I'm not sure what software would be most suited, here are the specs:


AMD K6- 2 400MHz

128mb RAM


16MB Graphics Card


Yeh I know its very crap but it will do for a simple web server (I hope!) It will just be used for sharing files wi friends, being able to access my files from elsewhere and testing my web pages on.


So I was wondering which OS I should put on it, I was going to go for XP as I will be requiring to access it remotely from my laptop over my wireless network, cause it won't be plugged into a monitor, what would be the best way of doing this?


Then there is the HTTP and FTP server software, if it was XP I'd prob just go for Apache and BulletProof FTP Server, as I have used these before, but any other suggestions?


What would I need to put on it for security as well? Just the usual, firewall and virus checker etc? Or would a firewall interfere with the FTP and HTTP servers?


Any advice would be appreciated, thanks :huh:



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You're pretty close to the bone re: Microsofts minimum specs for XP wrt processor and memory. Just running XP is going to make this baby sweat. Adding an http server and all the other things you would need (remote access capability, etc) and you will probably find it will have a hard time. Win XP and 128Mb of RAM has never been a really happy combo. 256 Mb would probably be better.


I would agree with Rob on this one.

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