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Which Server Am I On?


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I've got 2 questions, hope I'm in the right place here:


1. I'm wondering how to check the status of the server I'm on, just out of curiosity.

I looked at the cpanel, and it says I'm on server 79, but the tchstatus.com site only shows server 4-server 62. The "Locate your server" site doesn't work for me, because the IP I entered shows as not found in your list :lol:


2. Another question is, what is this protected family forum, is that only fpr staff, or for customers also, because I can't login with my forum username and PW.

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You can see the current status of all machines clicking on the Server Status link at the top of this page. It goes to our monitoring page. You can click on the Server Status button in your CPanel to view this information as well on your server. It's on the left hand column of your CPanel.


You can see the server details using this link:




In a similar manner other servers can be viewed using that link and replacing the server79 with the appropriate server number.

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