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Need Simple List-style Event Calendar


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I am trying to find a very simple yet customizable list style calendar, preferably PHP based (though it doesn't have to be)...


It's for a band site, they want a concert calendar that they can easily update, either via email or a webform of some sort.


It needs the following:


- easily updated

- automatically roll off past dates

- customizable with CSS or something similar

- has to fit in a small iframe, so no bloated graphical crap -- simple table layout is perfect


Basically I need something similar to this (which is theirs and not public domain): hostbaby.com/learn/concertcalendar


So far all I can find are bloated grid-style calendars. I know there's one out there somewhere, but if anyone knows off hand, it would save me a buncha time!


Oh, and i found a tutorial on how to insert a php code that will read from a directory of txt files and display them in order by date, scrolling past ones off -- however it doesn't appear that it would be easy for the band to submit events -- unless it would be possible to set up a web form of some sort that writes the text files that are read by the other script? I also don't see how it would easy to format the text and such after it's entered.


The tutorial is here: http://www.webdesigns1.com/php/tutorial.php


Any input on this is much appreciated! I am rather new to scripting and backend stuff, and am quickly trying to learn a dozen things to get this project done.




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