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"latest Visitors" Question

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Hope this is the correct area for my question. I know C-panel is not a TCH written software, but I'm hoping someone can help. :)


Looking at my "Latest Visitors" information in C-panel, I'm wondering what the entry for "HTTP Code:" means, specifically HTTP Code: 200.


Thanks for any help you can offer.

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200 OK

The request has succeeded. The information returned with the response is dependent on the method used in the request, for example:


GET an entity corresponding to the requested resource is sent in the response;


HEAD the entity-header fields corresponding to the requested resource are sent in the response without any message-body;


POST an entity describing or containing the result of the action;


TRACE an entity containing the request message as received by the end server.


According to


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In layman's terms, a "200" code just means that everything went OK and the browser downloaded the whole file (page, image, whatever). It is probably the most common HTTP code.


The other common code is "304" which means that the file hasn't changed since last requested, so there is no need to download the file since it is already in the browser's cache.


--- Dave

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Thomas -


Thank you for the quick response and the link, it's great to have the additional information available. :)


It's time TCH made you the Customer of the Month!


Thanks again.



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