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Coffeecup Free Zip Wizard

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CoffeeCup Fre Zip Wizard is an absolutely no$ replacement for WinZip you can read about it here.


If you are license-concious, then you know that Winzip only has a 21 day free trial before you technically need to send them a check for 29$ US. This became a problem for me, as everyone in my company needs to be able to read .zip files at least occasionally.


Coffee Cup looks like a good solution. It is very basic, but definitely it extracts the file. Easy to use, perfect for a Basic workstation user / home user.


Coffee Cup also has some other great software, haven't looked into it yet...


Title - Coffee Cup free zip wizard

Purpose - zipping un / zipping .zip archives

Category - PC Utilites?

Owner - Coffee Cup Software

Cost 0$

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I am very fond of CoffeeCup. I don't use their ZIP program but do use their HTML editor. It is extremely easy to use, for beginners and professionals. That is what I like most, you can grow into the program rather than being flung into the deep end when you don't know how to swim.

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