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Ftp Logs Or Statistics

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My request was for FTP logs or statistics. Can we get that?

You also asked

So where on earth does that traffic come from?
and if you submit a helpdesk ticket they could tell you that answer. It may be useful to know.
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Turns out there are raw logs for FTP access, and they can be accessed under FTP - manage accounts. Down the page there.


And there was an explanation.


Bandwidth was wrong.


I had deleted two big files. Not downloaded, not uploaded, just outright deleted. And that was counted as bandwidth.


Clearly that app needs some tweaking!


Now, my question is, let's say I had little bandwidth left (hypothetically speaking), and deleting big files would be a problem. Would I then need to use file manager to delete them instead?


Also, since Bandwidth is part of cpanel, is this a problem for all hosts using cpanel?

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Now, my question is, let's say I had little bandwidth left (hypothetically speaking),

I guess the statistic I heard that 80% of the things people worry about never happen was correct, huh? :lol:


My guess would be that the cPanel file manager would be the best, but I also wonder if there's not something going on behind the scenes with your ftp - why would it count "delete bubba.txt" as the size of that file? That part doesn't make sense and as a professional programmer I shudder to think a fellow programmer would write such a bizarre rule. Maybe someone else has some ideas on FTP deletes.

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I checked my other domain (hosted somewhere else). I couldn't make sense of the FTP traffic there at all. But then I only had the logs for one day to check, so it was a big limited (they flush logs every week, ¤(=#"¤% unfortunately).

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